Dignum Design is dedicated to innovative, functional and sustainable design that is responsive to the site, the clients requirements and budgets.

Dan’s Dignum’s vision for creative, modern residential buildings saw the establishment of Dignum Design in 1985.

Dan’s philosophy is that of a holistic approach where the site and its environment, the structure, and the climate are considered as a whole, to obtain the best possible outcome. Sustainable design principles (solar orientation, natural light, ventilation, heating, cooling, low energy use, water saving, screening, landscaping etc), with functional living, sleeping areas, a connection between the inside and outside, and careful consideration to the use of materials and finishes are major principles of the design process. The end result is to reflect the uniqueness of the site, the client’s lifestyle, and to be functional, and elegant.

Dan believes in creating a relationship with his clients in an approachable and relaxed manner. A step by step process throughout each stage of the design ensures client participation and input, and early involvement with consultants and contractors to assist in achieving budget realism.

Dignum Design has projects throughout Southeast and Central Queensland, Northern NSW, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and its southern coastal regions.

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